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General guidelines for at home care

Spa Facial Tips and Tricks for at home careHere are some general guidelines for at home care before and after your spa facial to ensure you get the most from your next skin care treatment at The Spa at the Glen. Your esthetician may also have additional recommendations based on the consultation that occurs at the beginning of your treatment, based on your specific skin care needs and goals.

Leading up to Treatment

5 Days Before Facial. Pause the use of any retinol or exfoliating acids during the 5 days before your scheduled appointment. The ingredients in these products may limit safe and effective treatment options, and taking a break ensures your facial is as beneficial as can be.

Morning of Facial. Follow regular routine keeping things simple. A gentle cleansing, moisturize, and daily SPF will have you set.

Post Treatment

Evening After. Gentle cleansing and a moisturizer will be all that you need. Skip any serums or exfoliating products so as not to interfere with the products applied during the treatment, they are still doing their magic!  We recommend a fresh pillowcase a clean surface minimizing exposure to bacteria.

2 Days After. Your skin will still be very fresh from the exfoliating process. Do your best to reduce touching your face, and avoid hot showers, saunas or high energy exercise that may heat up the skin and trigger inflammation or breakouts.

5 Days After. At this time you can start back with a regular skin care routine, adding in any new skin care regimen or products recommended by your esthetician.

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