Hydration is Our Friend

Manage Your Wellness

There has been a lot of change these last few weeks, and I am searching for a way to take some control and manage my wellness.

This week I am focusing on hydration. There are so many benefits, hydration is key to:

  • Warding off tiredness and headaches
  • Leveling mood, reducing stress
  • Help keep snacking at bay or avoid overeating
  • Healthier skin and reduction of fine lines (yes!)
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Feel stronger when exercising

There are lots of ways to hydrate:

  1. Glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning
  2. Make a large pitcher of infused water for sipping through the day
  3. Other beverages count too, but avoid those with lots of sugar.
  4. Here are some other ways to stay hydrated that don’t involve drinking water.


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