2019 Year of Self Care and Wellness

Please join us in our 2019 theme Self Care and Wellness

The new year often brings many resolutions, and we are opting for a theme to support your health and success!

Where ever your focus may land this year, growing your career, improving health, better relationships, or serving community… when we put energy into these goals, we need to also make time to renew and refresh our bodies and minds.

The Spa is your sanctuary, a place to escape the busy-ness of life, to soak up sacred me-time, and to heal with relaxing treatments. Making time to create this balance is vital to your mental and physical health and success. When we are healthy, everything is easier. Caring for ourselves makes us stronger, energized, more patient and loving. This is better for you, and better for those you care for. ❤️❤️❤️

These values are what we had in mind when we created our Spa Membership program.  Members have unlimited access to the spa amenities Monday to Thursday, making it easy for an impromptu drop in to decompress in the steam room or sip tea quietly in front of the fire. It also makes monthly spa treatments more affordable, along with savings on spa at home products in our retail store. Other perks include exclusive member promotions and events, with more of these planned in 2019!

We invite you to become a Spa Member today, and make the most of 2019! Visit or call the spa at 714-990-2090 to register, or read more about Membership here.


“I love the Spa at the Glen. My husband and I signed up for a membership together and it is going to be hard to stop. I love coming in to soak in the hot tub, soak in the smell of eucalyptus in the steam room, and take the best showers of my life in the rainfall shower; it’s all spectacular! Also, Laurelle the massage therapist is a gift from heaven. I do the deep tissue enhancement with the complimentary aromatherapy and she does miracle work; I come out of there knot free and and with perfect posture. Overall, great service and environment everyone really goes out of their way to make sure your experience is above and beyond every single time.”Patricia P., Irvine, CA on YELP.com ★★★★★