5 Signs you May Need a Massage

  1. You experience high levels of stress. Massage is one of the most effective natural stress reducers known.
  2. You don’t sleep well. Relaxation massage has been proven to decrease levels of anxiety and depression, and improve sleeping patterns.
  3. You are in pain. A massage can reduce muscle spasms and contractions, and relax muscle tissue.This combination will help ease pain and allow you to sleep easier and deeper.
  4. You challenge your body with exercise. When you work your body physically, you should be treating your muscles to massage therapy. A good massage therapist can help keep you active and injury free.
  5. You get headaches. Headaches are often a result of muscle tension around your shoulders, neck, and head. Regular massage can relieve these tension headaches and help promote healthy posture.
  6. One more! You can’t remember the last time you had a massage. Massage offers the most healing power when received on a regular basis. Once a month is a minimum recommendation for gaining repetitive value, unless you are treating an injury which may improve with more frequent treatment.