Skin Care + Exercise Tips

skin care for your exercise routine

We all know how important exercise is to our physical and mental health, but what does it mean for your skin care? Here are a few skin care tips for getting your sweat on, to help avoid breakouts and ensure your skin benefits from the workout as well.

Skin Care BEFORE Exercise

Advice for keeping your skin happy and clear while working out: Don’t let clogged pores and breakouts get in the way of a good sweat session

  • Skip the make up. Sweating and make up  are a bad mix that can clog pores and lead to break outs.  Making it a habit to wash your face before your workout will allow perspiration to flow freely and reduce  stress and discomfort to skin.
  • Avoid hair products near your face. This is a good general rule as hair products can clog pores and cause acne, especially when mixed with sweat. If you are using hair products, consider using a sweat band to keep them from travelling down your face when sweating.
  • Wipe it down. Gym equipment is basically a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria – just think of all the sweaty hands that come and go before it’s your turn! If you touch your face during any part of your workout (hello, sweat dripping into your eyes!) you’re at risk for major contamination. Wipe down any and all exposed surfaces that you’ll touch before your workout with antibacterial wipes. It’ll be well worth the extra effort to keep your skin as bacteria free as possible
Skin Care DURING Exercise
  • If you are outdoors, make sure to use sunscreen!
  • Avoid touching your face with hands, if you get sweaty, keep a clean towel handy for wiping away sweat.
  • Stay hydrated. It is important to replace fluids as you work out to avoid dehydration, and allow you to sweat, both important for healthy happy skin.
Skin Care AFTER Exercise
  • Get washed up. Showering and changing out of sweaty clothes as soon as possible will reduce the chances for sweat and bacteria to affect your skin. Using a gentle cleanser will help reset the pH levels, followed by a moisturizer.
  •  Hydrate again! Replenish your body with fluids and a snack, to allow your body to maximize the workout and avoid any stress related to dehydration.

If you are looking for more advice on how best to care for your skin alongside regular workouts, or which products are best suited to your skin care regimen, ask your esthetician. Every spa facial appointment includes time for consultation, when you can share any questions or concerns and get some professional advice!